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3M® Petriflim™ for microbiology studies is a revolutionary product that will change your view of microbiology and how it is taught. No mess, no fuss, no expense. Microbiology for everyone.

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Product Details

Microbiology for everyone! No more preparation time! No more mess, no more fuss sterilizing or pouring Petri dishes! No more expense for major sterilization equipment and no more huge pile of Petri dishes for cleaning and disposal. This revolutionary product will change your view of microbiology and how it is taught.

Each Petriflim™ “plate” consists of two plastic film sheets with the sterile culture media in between. The sheets are separated briefly for inoculation with the material of your choice and then resealed and incubated. Growth occurs on the super thin film of media just like it does on the surface of an agar plate. You can stack a class set in the same space as one Petri dish. Results are visible through the clear film, and colonies are readily viewed. Transfers are possible but not necessary. Disposal becomes easier. Once inoculated, the plates need never be opened again. Safe, easy, no preparation!

Petrifilm can be kept for 18 months if refrigerated. Fifty plates take up as much space as one Petri dish. Ready to use with various media.

Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates
These are the plates to use in place of regular nutrient agar plates. Especially useful if conducting air sampling experiments or other air pollution studies.

Petrifilm Yeast and Mold Count Plates

It is easy to count yeast and mold colonies on these plates. An indicator dye stains yeast and mold colonies to provide contrast and facilitate counting.

Petrifilm E. coli/Coliform Count Plates
An indicator dye in these plates makes counting coliforms easy. The coliforms produce red colonies. These plates contain an additional indicator dye that forms blue around E. coli colonies. Counting red and blue colonies yields the total coliform count.

Yeast and Mold Spreader
Use this specially designed spreader with Petrifilm Yeast and Mold Count Plates (FB1172). Simply press down on top of the spreader to create a circular pattern. Spreaders are reusable.

Petriflim Spreader
Use this spreader with Aerobic Count Plates (FB1171) and Coliform Plates (FB1173). Spreaders are reusable.