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Basic Field Scope is a durable, fully functional microscope for field and laboratory use. Designed for simplicity with only one moving part and no gears.

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Product Details

The Basic Field Scope is a cordless, battery-free microscope that requires only ambient outdoor light or minimal room light. It has a simple, rugged construction that holds up to student use and invites younger students to practice microscope skills. Reflective light capabilities allow viewing of the exterior of 3-D specimens, printed matter, and other ordinary objects. A prism illuminator transmits light up through the stage allowing for viewing the internal structure of thinly sectioned specimens. Additional eyepieces and objective lenses (not included) can be traded out for more powerful options to yield up to 400X magnification. This handy microscope is appropriate and useful for students from 3rd through 12th grades.
• Total magnification: 30X
• Course focus only
• Locked-on eyepiece
• Locked-on stage clips
• Nickel-plated brass tube
• Corrosion-resistant finish
• 5 prepared slides included
• Vinyl cover