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Product 12455

By: The Flinn Staff

The Refill Kit for Percent Copper in Brass Advanced Inquiry Lab Kit for AP* chemistry allows students to analyze the amount of copper in brass using visible spectroscopy and the correlation among wavelength, absorbance, and concentration.

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Product Details

Percent Copper in Brass Refill Kit for AP7643 Refill Kit. Includes: Brass sample Copper(II) nitrate solution, 0.1 M Copper(II) nitrate stock solution, 0.40 M Copper(II) sulfate solution, 0.1 M Iron(III) chloride solution, 0.1 M Iron(III) nitrate solution, 0.1 M Nitric acid solution, concentrated, 15.8 M Zinc nitrate solution, 0.1 M Zinc sulfate solution, 0.1 M