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Product 15448

Author: Lee Marek, Retired, Naperville North H.S., Naperville, IL

Be Cool to Your School: Uses for Liquid Nitrogen lab activity manual is a unique book that contains many chilling but educational demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen.

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Can you shatter a racketball, freeze anti-freeze, levitate a magnet or freeze soap bubbles? If not, let Weird Science’s Lee Marek tell you how. Many chilling but educational demonstrations using liquid nitrogen are contained in this unique book. Each activity has easy-to-follow instructions with the expected results and explanations. Pointers are provided throughout to help the novice demonstrator get started while the experienced demonstrator is sure to find many new and exciting liquid nitrogen demonstrations. Demonstrations cover topics on superconductivity, gas laws, equilibrium, phase changes and cryogenics. 1992, 50 pages, 8½" x 11", spiral-bound.