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Product 15482

Author: Sharon Grobe Mitchell

Laboratory Solutions for the Science Classroom chemistry resource book contains explanations of basic concepts and vocabulary terms that will guide the “novice solution maker.”

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Product Details

How many times have you asked yourself, “How do I make this solution?” Your question can be easily answered with this complete reference guide to making laboratory solutions. Teachers at all levels will find this book thorough and easy to use. Explanations of basic concepts and vocabulary terms will guide even the “novice solution maker” through the steps of successful solution-making. The “experienced solution maker” will also find this book an invaluable reference. Laboratory Solutions for the Science Classroom is unique in that it contains over 300 recipes for the most commonly used solutions in science experiments today. The recipes are detailed and easy to follow, thus eliminating any chance of mistaken assumptions.

Recipes cover solutions used in biology, chemistry and physical science classes. Chapters include:

• Introduction to Solutions
• Concentration Units
• Acids, Bases, Buffers and Indicators
• Mixing Instructions
• Practical Solution-Making Techniques

This reference book is an absolute must for all science teachers! 
Illustrated, appendices, glossary, index. 189 pages, 5¾" × 8¾", soft cover.