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The Cool Light Chemiluminescence Demonstration Kit will wow your students. You will prepare two solutions and pour them simultaneously into a flask. Voilà! A beautiful blue glow. Students will be dazzled by this vivid display.

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Product Details

Wow your students as you demonstrate a basic chemiluminescence experiment. You will prepare two solutions and pour them simultaneously into a flask. Voilà! A beautiful blue glow! An instruction sheet with a short history of chemiluminescence is provided. Enough chemicals for seven demonstrations are provided.

Concepts: Chemiluminescence, oxidation–reduction.
Time Required: 15–20 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Luminol, potassium ferricyanide, sodium hydroxide solution, hydrogen peroxide solution.

Correlation to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Science & Engineering Practices

Asking questions and defining problems
Planning and carrying out investigations

Disciplinary Core Ideas

MS-PS1.B: Chemical Reactions
HS-PS1.B: Chemical Reactions

Crosscutting Concepts

Energy and matter
Stability and change
Systems and system models

Performance Expectations

MS-PS1-6. Undertake a design project to construct, test, and modify a device that either releases or absorbs thermal energy by chemical processes.
HS-PS1-5. Apply scientific principles and evidence to provide an explanation about the effects of changing the temperature or concentration of the reacting particles on the rate at which a reaction occurs.