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Elliptical Orbits Overhead Demonstration Kit for astronomy and space science helps illustrate the elliptical orbits of the planets. Use observations from the demonstration and perform calculations to find the orbits.

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Product Details

How do planets travel around the Sun? This simple overhead apparatus helps illustrate the elliptical orbits of the planets. Students will use observations from the teacher demonstration and perform mathematical calculations to find the elliptical orbits. Easily fits on any standard overhead projector. Kit includes the overhead demonstration device, string and a set of markers. Complete with teacher instructions and detailed background section.

Concepts: Elliptical orbits, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.
Time Required: 25 minutes

Correlation to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Science & Engineering Practices

Developing and using models
Using mathematics and computational thinking

Disciplinary Core Ideas

MS-ESS1.B: Earth and the Solar System
HS-ESS1.B: Earth and the Solar System

Crosscutting Concepts

Stability and change
Scale, proportion, and quantity
Systems and system models

Performance Expectations

HS-PS2-1: Analyze data to support the claim that Newton’s second law of motion describes the mathematical relationship among the net force on a macroscopic object, its mass, and its acceleration.