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Oil-Eating Bacteria Student Laboratory Kit for environmental science will arouse interest in environmental studies. Study oil-eating bacteria, which is one method used to clean up an oil spill.

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The EPA reports over 14,000 oil spills a year. One method used to clean up an oil spill is to use oil-eating bacteria. As the bacteria reproduce, they eat more and more oil until finally the slick vanishes. Once the slick is gone, their food source is depleted and the bacteria die. Your students will start by creating mini oil slicks and oily beaches. After applying the oil-eating bacteria, they can witness the action of the bacteria on the oily surfaces over a period of time and further realize how difficult it is to clean up an oil spill. This activity will definitely arouse students’ interest and further their interest in environmental studies. Includes comprehensive instructions, a reproducible student worksheet and valuable Teacher Notes with sample data and teaching tips.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.