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Lab bench refinishing products allow you to refresh your old epoxy counters and table tops. Use the primer and epoxy finish as a two-part system.

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Product Details

All the materials you need to refinish your lab tabletop. The primer is a black semi-gloss paint. The finishing coat is a clear Aqua Epoxy Finish paint. The two-part epoxy paint must always be pre-mixed before use, which provides 1 liter of product that generally has a shelf-life of two hours. Aqua Epoxy is easy to apply and dries rapidly to a smooth semi-gloss finish. It is chemically resistant to acids and organic solvents and does not easily scratch, increasing durability of the lab table. Both the primer and the epoxy finish are required to properly refinish your lab tabletop.

Instructions for Refinishing Existing Epoxy Resin Lab Table Tops
  1. Tops should be thoroughly cleaned of oil, wax or residue with lacquer thinner.
  2. Existing finish should be thoroughly sanded with 80-grit sandpaper to feather-edge any nicks, scratches, etc., and to remove any buildup of residue.
  3. Tops should then be thoroughly sanded with a fine abrasive 150- to 180-grit sandpaper to prepare them for the new finish.
  4. Apply a primer coating of black semigloss lacquer paint with a brush and/or roller. The primer coating should be formulated to be compativle with the epoxy finish coat.
  5. After the primer coating is thoroughly dry (810 hours), sand with a fine 180- to 200-grit sandpaper.
  6. Remove all sanding dust with a tack rag, and apply the epoxy finish coat with a brush and/or roller.
  7. If a second coating is required to obtain the desired finish, repeat steps 5 and 6.
Primer and epoxy coating are available from Flinn Scientific, Inc. This procedure is a recommendation only. Due to the array of materials used for table tops, Flinn Scientific is not able to warranty the final results or accept any liability for failure of the applied finish.