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Equipment Set for FlinnPREP™ Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1 contains all of the lab equipment needed to conduct Flinn’s 16 Inquiry Lab Kit for AP® Physics1 in a convenient package.

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Product Details

All the lab equipment your students need to conduct FlinnPREP™ Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1 in a convenient package! No need to pull together lab equipment piecemeal because of budget constraints—this cost-savings set includes enough equipment for a class of 24 students!
• Batteries, 6-V
• Clamps and clamp holders
• Digital multimeters
• Digital thermometers
• Fishing line and string
• Hooked weight sets
• Masking tape
• Protractors
• Rulers
• Rubber mallets for tuning forks
• Spring scales, 10-N, 2.5-N
• Tape measure
• Timers

Meter sticks and support stands are required and available separately.