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Alternative Energy Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ 5-Kit Bundle is a cost-saving bundle that includes 5 Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ Alternative Energy kits. Help connect others with renewable energy concepts.

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Product Details

Cost-saving bundle includes 5 Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ Alternative Energy kits! Help students connect renewable energy concepts and engineering design with confidence. Save money by purchasing the kits as a bundle rather than individually.
• AP8048 Cooking with Solar Energy—Design a solar oven to efficiently cook with energy from the sun.
• AP8049 Solar-Powered Cars—Build and test a model car that uses energy from a photovoltaic panel.
• AP8050 Build a Water Wheel—Make a water wheel that generates the most hydropower.
• AP8051 Generating Electricity with Wind—Create a turbine to convert wind power to electricity.
• AP8052 Biofuels—Learn how yeast fermentation yields ethanol and design a method to collect the carbon dioxide byproduct.