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With the Precision Fresnel Biprism Interference Apparatus, capture the most accurate and the highest level of detail.

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Product Details

Replicate Fresnel’s biprism experiment on a benchtop. This 1-meter-long optical bench requires less space than typical setups and can be used under dimmed lights. The bench includes adjustable supports for the slit, biprism, lens and eyepiece components. The micrometer eyepiece has a range of ±4.00 mm with a backlash-free easy-to-read drum scale and allows for fringe separation measurements to 0.01 mm. The fringes show good contrast and separation for dark–dark position measurements. A ground glass screen is used for easy alignment and adjustment so the two virtual point sources are parallel and of equal intensity. Confirm the wavelike nature of light by measuring fringe separation of overlapping sources.

Contents include:
• Optical bench
• Riders (lateral adjustment and plain)
• Sodium lamp, 20 W, 110 V
• Adjustable slit
• Biprism, eyepiece and eyepiece adapter ring
• Micrometer eyepiece and eyepiece adapter ring
• Ground glass screen
• Height fixing collar
• Biprism