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Chemical splash safety goggles for lab safety are fabricated from a soft vinyl and conform to facial contours for maximum comfort and chemical protection, with the added benefit of keeping you from touching your eyes by accident. These chemical splash safety goggles are available as vented or non-vented as well as with or without a fog-free lens. The perfect solution for full coverage eye protection. Lenses are easily replaced making these safety goggles a great investment.

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Product Details

Fabricated from soft vinyl, a double flange cushion at the top and bottom of the goggle conforms to facial contours for extra comfort. The 2 mm thick clear lenses are made of durable polycarbonate. Ventilation is provided through the lens channels as well as the molded-in vents. Chemical splashes cannot enter the goggle. Lenses are easily replaced. • AP3306 and AP3309 meet Z87+ D3 standards. • AP3312 and AP3315 meet Z87.1-2003 standards. • SE1049 meets Z87+ D3, D4, D5 standards.


Chemical Splash Goggles - Flinn Scientific 

Product Overview: Ensure maximum eye protection in your laboratory with Flinn Scientific's Chemical Splash Goggles. These safety goggles are designed to provide full coverage and comfort, essential for any lab environment. Available in vented and non-vented options, with or without a fog-free lens, these goggles are versatile to meet your specific needs. 

Key Features: 

  • Comprehensive Protection: Shields eyes from chemical splashes and debris. 
  • Comfortable Design: Fabricated from soft vinyl with a double flange cushion that conforms to facial contours. 
  • Durable Lenses: Made from 2 mm thick clear polycarbonate for long-lasting use. 
  • Ventilation Options: Choose between vented for airflow and non-vented for complete protection. 

Fabricated from soft vinyl, these goggles feature a double flange cushion at the top and bottom, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The lenses are easily replaceable, making these goggles a cost-effective choice for long-term use. The vented models provide airflow to prevent fogging, while the non-vented models offer maximum protection against splashes. 


  • Material: Soft vinyl with polycarbonate lenses 
  • Lens Thickness: 2 mm 
  • Compliance: Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards 

Why Choose Flinn Scientific? 

Expert Quality: Our commitment to quality ensures that each product we sell meets the highest standards of quality, durability, precision, and reliability. 

Educational Expertise: With decades of experience developing, testing, and providing instructional resources to science educators, we work to meet the ever-changing needs of educators and students alike. 

Comprehensive Support: Besides high-quality instruments and equipment, we offer a wide range of supporting materials, guides, and tutorials, each designed to enhance the teaching-learning experience.  

Choose Flinn Scientific's Chemical Splash Goggles for reliable and comfortable eye protection in your lab.


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