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Absorbent Pillows for chemical spill control and lab safety are designed to absorb 98% of their capacity in 30 seconds. Available in two sizes.

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Product Details

A great absorbing system for most chemical spills. Each spill pillow consists of a porous, polyolefin bag filled with an inert, amorphous silicate. Bag design allows spilled material to flow into the bag contents, which will absorb 10–20 times its weight. Spill pillows will absorb 98% of their capacity in 30 seconds and can be used for all hazardous spills except hydrofluoric acid. No messy cleanup since the spill is contained within the pillow. Disposal is easy—the spilled material can be eluted, evaporated or incinerated. Spill pillows are acceptable as solid waste in most landfills. Available in two sizes, 250 mL and 1 liter.