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Ion Selective Electrode for Vernier data collection makes water analysis more precise, more affordable, and easier than it has ever been before. Durable solid state and PVC membrane ion-selective electrodes.

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Never before has water analysis been so precise, yet so affordable and easy than with these ion-selective electrodes. Using durable solid state and PVC membrane ion-selective electrodes, your students can now measure nitrate (NO3-), chloride (Cl-), calcium (Ca2+), and ammonium (NH4+) ion concentration in water samples. Ion-selective electrodes have the following features: • Nonrefillable, gel-filled construction-no messy solutions required. Electrodes are stored dry and have either solid state or PVC membranes. • Replacement membrane modules available for nitrate, calcium, and ammonium electrodes. All PVC membranes have a limited life expectancy (about one year), however, the replacement membranes are a low-cost option to extend the life of the electrode. • Included with each electrode are two calibration standards and a short-term soaking bottle.