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PSworks Carriage and Ramp

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7003

Price: $174.65

With the Flinn PSWorks™ Carriage and Ramp for physics, explore the fundamentals of force and motion.

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Product Details

Explore the fundamentals of force and motion with the Flinn PSworks Carriage and Ramp. With this apparatus, students study Newton's laws of motion in action and understand the relationships between distance, time, speed, and acceleration. Students will also be able to verify the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane—the simplest of simple machines. An extension rod is provided to support the ramp over the edge of a tabletop, which allows the hanging weights to fall and move the carriage over the entire length of the ramp. Includes:- Carriage with low-friction wheels- Hardwood ramp, 1.2 m- Ramp support- Hardware for attaching to a PSworks Support Stand- Low-friction pulley- Protractor- Extension rodAdditional materials that are required, but not included, are a PSworks Support Stand, photogate timer, weight hanger, weights and pulley cord.