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Item #: AP5960

Price: $17.65

With the Radiometer, measure the radiation left by the warmth of a human hand pressed on a wooden desktop. This radiometer measures the energy in a radiation beam in watts per meter.

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Product Details

Dark surfaces absorb radiation more than light ones. Here's an easy experiment to prove it. Just fill the two cans in this kit with room temperature water. Put thermometers in the holes in the tops and heat the cans equally with an infrared lamp. The difference in temperature rate increase will be dramatic. Except for their finish, these two cans are identical and are made of the same metal. One has a bright silver metallic finish and the other is coated in dull black. The screw top makes water addition and removal convenient. What happens if both cans are filled with very hot water? Which will cool the fastest? Set contains one of each can type and experiment suggestions.