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Item #: SE4020

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Remote Smoke Alarm and Detector for chemical storeroom is a practical way to alert school personnel to a potential problem. Kit provides two smoke detectors that can save lives and property.

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Product Details

Does your school chemical storeroom area go unattended for long periods of time-over the summer, on vacations, even during the school day? Early detection of smoke and fire in these isolated areas could save lives and property. A practical way to alert school personnel to a potential problem is the Flinn remote smoke detector and alarm kit. The kit provides two smoke detectors. The first is located in the chemical storeroom and the second acts as an alarm in a second, more heavily travelled area like a hall. If the storeroom detector is activated, the alarm sounds both in the storeroom and in the remote location. The detector kit provides full installation instructions but does not include the simple but necessary wire and other electrical materials. Since local conditions and codes vary greatly, your school maintenance staff should install the system. This system is line operated from a 110 volt electrical outlet.