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Item #: AP6429

Price: $14.01

Model Rocket Engine includes complete operating instructions. The finest rocket engines available.

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Product Details

The finest rocket engines available! All engines include complete operating instructions. Here's a guide to help you choose the engines you need: 1. The first letter prefix stands for the relative power of the engine. A “B” engine is twice as powerful as an “A”; a “C” is twice as powerful as a “B.” 2. The first number following the letter prefix indicates the engine's average thrust in newtons (average thrust equals newton-seconds divided by thrust duration). 3. The number after the hyphen is the number of seconds between the end of thrusting and the start of the ejection charge. This double charge occurs because the engines fire in two directions-at launch, and then in the opposite direction to eject the streamer or parachute, or to fire the second stage of the rocket. For example: A C6-5 engine is the most powerful engine we sell. It has an average thrust of 6 newtons and has a five-second delay before the ejection charge or second stage is ignited. Regular engine packs include three or four engines, igniters, and igniter plugs. Our economical Bulk Packs include 24 engines, igniters, igniter plugs, and recovery wadding.