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Item #: PM4035

Price: $13.85

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With the Preserved Specimen Survey Set for biology lab with specimens, save time and money and eliminate sorting and distributing specimens. Four packages available. Each package includes one of each specimen.

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Product Details

Save time and money with these dissection sets. Individually packaged for each student. Eliminate sorting and distributing specimens. Moist-packed in vapor-barrier bag with extra reclosable storage bag. Large specimens only. Each package includes one of each specimen.

Specimen Type PM5195 PM4035 PM5200 PM4040
Clam 4–5" X X X X
Grassfrog 3–4" X X X X
Crayfish 3½–5" X X X X
Perch 7–9" X X X X
Earthworm 8–10" X X X X
Sea Star 5–6"   X   X
Grasshopper, Lubber 2½–3"     X X
Scypha ½–¾"     X X


Six Large Specimen Survey Set includes one each of the following: 

• Clam 4–5" 
• Grassfrog 3–4" 
• Crayfish 3½–5" 
• Perch 7–9" 
• Earthworm 8–10" 
• Sea Star 5–6"