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In the Speed of Bubble Viscosity Demonstration for physical science and physics, build a classic catapult using simple materials and test the machine to determine how variables affect launch distance.

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Product Details

The “Speed of Bubble” Tube Set consists of three rugged, sealed, transparent plastic tubes containing colored fluids of three different viscosities. The bubble in each tube rises at a constant speed which depends on the type of fluid, the angle at which the tube is inclined, and to some extent the temperature. Numerous experiments can be conducted using the tubes. Students can design experiments, collect data, practice graphing the results, and interpret the results. Excellent for introductory distance-versus-time graphs for speed predictions. Students may be challenged to predict the effect of angle on bubble speed and to design and conduct an experiment to test their hypotheses. The results are somewhat counterintuitive. Comes complete with three permanently sealed tubes and suggested experiments.