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Starting with Safety: An Introduction for the Academic Chemistry Laboratory DVD will prevent dangerous accidents and will protect you and others by demonstrating safe ways to use common laboratory equipment.

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Product Details

Prevent dangerous accidents—protect yourself and your first-time chemistry students by showing them how to:
• Light and use a Bunsen burner. 
• Heat glassware safely. 
• Properly use safety equipment. 
• Dress appropriately for the lab. 
• Use thermometers and glass tubing correctly. 
• Use proper behavior in the lab. 
• Use a centrifuge safely. 

Starting with Safety is a terrific video that lets your students watch while other students demonstrate safe ways to use common laboratory equipment. Students will see for themselves why safety techniques are important and what can happen when safety is ignored! This American Chemical Society Video Production DVD includes a PDF version of a 59-page teacher’s guide with safety quizzes and handouts that you can reproduce for your students. 35 minutes, DVD.