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Tectonics Model - Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7178

Price: $81.95

Tectonics Model Demonstration Kit for Earth science and geology clearly demonstrates the powerful forces of tectonic processes. Easy-to-use, hands-on model is brightly colored.

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Product Details

Clearly demonstrate the powerful forces of tectonic processes with this easy-to-use, hands-on model. Brightly colored sand is provided to simulate the formation of folds, faults, erosion, and rift valleys. Comprehensive student worksheets and teacher's guide provide detailed discussion and analysis of continental drift, convergence, divergence, the Earth's changing surface, and other related concepts. Model size: 13" L x 7½" W x 4" H.

Concepts: Tectonics, faults, rifts, folds, compression.
Time Required: 20 minutes
Materials Provided: Yellow sand, green sand, plastic plates, push handles (long and short), teaspoon, tectonics container, washers, nuts.
Note: Replacement tectonic sand is available separately.