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Models are powerful tools for teaching science as they provide useful simplifications of structures and processes, helping to make the unseen seen and the complex simple.

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Your students will make model tectonic plates using the colorful parts provided, then using them to look at their structure and how the plates interact at their margins. In the process, they’ll gain an understanding for how these interactions form mountains, deep ocean trenches, islands, volcanoes and cause earthquakes! The model can also be used to look at other interactions, including oceanic meeting oceanic plate, oceanic meeting continental plate, continental meeting continental plate, conservative plate margins and mid-ocean ridges.

The Model Making Kit includes enough materials for students to assemble up to 5 paper models working cooperatively. The comprehensive Teacher Resource Guide included provides illustrated readings, activities, key vocabulary and an assessment, along with teaching opportunities for students to Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate their understanding of the concepts presented.