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The Copper Test Tube - Chemical Demonstration Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: AP2091

Price: $34.25

With the Copper Test Tube Oxidation-Reduction Chemical Demonstration Kit, take a "clear" test tube, add a few drops of chemical solutions, swirl, and place it in hot water. Before students' very eyes, they will see copper develop.

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Product Details

Take a test tube which “appears” to be absolutely clear, add a few drops of different chemical solutions, swirl the test tube around and place it in hot water. Before your students' very eyes, they will see a beautiful film of copper develop and deposit on the test tube glass. Teacher Demonstration Notes included.Enough materials are included to perform the demonstration seven times. Concepts: Oxidation-reduction. Time Required: 20 minutes Chemicals Provided: Tin(II) chloride solution, silver nitrate solution, Fehling's solutions A and B, and glyoxal solution. Note: Perform this demonstration in a fume hood or well-ventilated lab.