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The Electrochemical Clock Kit—Irwin Talesnick’s Orange Juice Clock

By: Irwin Talesnick, Chemistry Dept., Retired, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Item #: AP8718

Price: $52.60

The Electrochemical Clock OxidationReduction Chemical Demonstration Kit is guaranteed to get your students thinking. Hundreds of hypotheses can be investigated. Allow students to design and conduct their own experiments.

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Product Details

Arouse student curiosity. Irwin Talesnick’s famous orange juice clock is guaranteed to get your students thinking! How does the clock work? How long will the clock run on orange juice? Can you use something other than orange juice? Hundreds of questions can be asked and investigated. Allow students to design and do their own experiments. Instructions and teaching tips are provided.

Concepts: Electrolysis, oxidationreduction, anode, cathode.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Materials Provided: A 3-color, 24-hour clock face (atomic number 1, H, Hydrogen, through to atomic number 24, Cr, Chromium), complete clock assembly, hook-up wires, electrodes and orange juice. All you need to provide is a stiff piece of cardboard or wood on which to hang the clock.