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The Mini Grain Elevator Explosion - Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: Lee Marek, Retired, Naperville North H.S., Naperville, IL, and Robert Lewis, Retired, Downers Grove North H.S., Downers Grove, IL

Item #: AP8729

Price: $40.80

The Mini Grain Elevator Explosion Thermodynamics Chemistry Demonstration Kit is sure to leave your students awestruck. This demonstration illustrates the explosive nature of powder using the construction of a mini grain elevator explosion.

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Product Details

Have you ever heard of or read about a dust explosion in your area? They are rather common in grain elevators, coal mines, and sawmills. A spark, even due to friction, can set off burnable dust in air to produce a large explosion. This demonstration will illustrate the explosive nature of a powder through the construction of a mini grain elevator explosion. A small paint can will be used to represent a grain elevator. Lycopodium powder will be used as the dust. The explosion will “wake up” and fascinate even your most lethargic students. Teacher Demonstration Notes included.Enough materials are included to perform the demonstration seven times. Concepts: Surface area, combustion. Time Required: 15 minutes Materials Provided: Lycopodium powder, candle, nail, paint can with lid, Beral-type pipets.