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The Reversible Orange and Blue Reaction—Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: Marie Sherman and Dr. Deborah Weil , Ursuline Academy, St. Louis, MO

Item #: AP8684

Price: $32.60

The Reversible Orange and Blue Reaction Oxidation–Reduction Chemical Demonstration Kit is an activity that will peak students’ interest. The Walker quarry soil is contaminated. Students will perform tests on samples to solve the mystery.

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Product Details

Astonishing, fascinating, amazing and incredible are just a few words to describe this easy-to-do demonstration. A warm, clear, blue solution starts to bubble, the temperature rises, the bubbling becomes vigorous and suddenly the solution becomes an opaque orange-gold color. Since the reaction is reversible, you can repeat it several times by replenishing one of the reactants. An eye-catching way to introduce redox reactions to your students—especially great if your school colors are blue and orange (or gold). Teacher Demonstration Notes included.  

Concepts: Oxidation–reduction, complex ions.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Potassium sodium tartrate solution, copper(II) sulfate solution, hydrogen peroxide solution.