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In the Transpiration Classic Lab Kits for Classic AP® Biology, test the rate of transpiration in plants using a student constructed potometer. Refill is available.

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Students test the rate of transpiration in plants using a student constructed potometer. By inserting live bean seedlings into the potometer, students will easily observe the rate of water used by the plant’s vascular system. The students will learn the role that transpiration plays in the process of water movement. The optimal conditions for transpiration and photosynthesis are determined. Transpiration, water potential and guttation are discussed in the thorough background section.

Materials: Clear plastic tubing (" i.d.), Peat pellets, Planting tray, 1-mL Serological pipets, 10-mL Syringes, Plastic bags (12" x 22", 4 oz.), Red bean seeds, Petroleum jelly*

*Denotes items included with refill kit


For 8 groups

Materials Included in Kit: 
Bean-red, seed, 4 oz, pkg/250
Class overhead
Electrical tape, black
Gro-Dome™, 11" x 21"
Peat pellets, Jiffy®, pkg/25
Petroleum jelly, foilpac, 5 g, 8
Pipet, serological, sterile, disposable, 1 mL, 8
Polyethylene bags, 12" x 22", pkg/3, 3
Rubber bands, medium, 20
Scalpel, disposable, size 22, 4
Stopper, 1-hole, #3, 8
Syringe, 12 mL, 8
Tubing, clear, PVC, ⅛" i.d., 11
Watering trays, 11" x 21"