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Vanishing Valentine—Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: Mike Shaw, West Stokes High School, King, NC

Item #: AP5929

Price: $19.90

The Vanishing Valentine Chemical Demonstration Kit is a lovely approach to introduce students to oxidation–reduction reactions. Students watch their Valentine vanish and then reappear with this favorite holiday demonstration.

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Product Details

Watch your valentine vanish and then reappear with this favorite holiday demonstration! Simply shake a flask containing a colorless solution to introduce oxygen. The solution will change to a bright pink valentine color. Then allow the solution to sit undisturbed, and observe as the solution fades back to colorless. The oxidation–reduction cycle can be repeated many times. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. 

Concepts: Oxidation–reduction, indicators.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Dextrose solution, sodium hydroxide solution, and resazurin solution.