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Water Quality Index (WQI) - Field Trip Kit

By: Bill Grosser, Glenbard South H.S., Glen Ellyn, IL

Item #: AP7027

Price: $314.05

Water Quality Index (WQI) Field Trip Kit for environmental science is an all-inclusive water quality test kit. Analyze the properties of a local lake, river, or stream and determine the overall water quality.

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Product Details

This all-inclusive water quality test kit has it all! Analyze the properties of a local lake, river, or stream, and determine the overall water quality, using the Water Quality Index system. The Water Quality Index (WQI) is an environmental quality “score” that is derived based on a combination of nine different chemical and biological water tests-dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, pH, biochemical oxygen demand, temperature, phosphate, nitrate, turbidity, and total solids. After performing the nine tests and analyzing the results, students will calculate a quality rating for the water which ranges from 0 (very bad) to 100 (excellent). The quality rating is a weighted function of all nine tests. The contribution of each test result to the final score demonstrates the environmental importance or impact of different biological and chemical properties of water. A great tool to compare the quality of different lakes or rivers or to monitor the change in water quality of a body of water over time.Complete with comprehensive student booklets and all the materials and chemicals needed for a class of 30 students working in pairs.