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With the Wind Generator, demonstrate how energy can be generated by wind. Easy to use and assemble, the generator allows you to create power and energy from thin air.

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Product Details

Using this miniature realistic wind turbine, students can evaluate the pitch, or angle, of the blades and then investigate how pitch and number of blades affects power output. Students also learn how the turbine protects itself under strong wind conditions by stalling or reducing rotational speed. Up to 12 blades can be installed at a time and the kit includes three different types of profiled blades and one type of polypropylene sheet blades. Comes with an LED voltmeter, music maker, and LED lights to demonstrate the power created from the captured wind energy as well as an instruction manual with experiments, assembly guide, and background history. A definite real-life application—the 3-phase AC alternator used in the turbine is similar to the one used in actual commercial wind turbines.