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Winogradsky Column: Biosphere in a Bottle - Student Laboratory Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB1574

Price: $35.80

With the Winogradsky Column and Biosphere in a Bottle Laboratory Kit for biology and life science, observe microbial growth in your own personally constructed Winogradsky column.

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Why do some children look so much like their parents and others do not? Students randomly select a sperm cell and an egg for a potential child. When the simulated fertilization occurs, the resulting baby is compared to its parents. A second child is similarly formed and the two children from the same parents are compared. Students will be amazed how different the two children are from each other and from their parents. This simulation will make “real-life” genetic appearances more logical.Enough materials are supplied for 30 students working in pairs. Genome cards for 15 males and 15 females are provided as well as complete teaching instructions.