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Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming - Student Laboratory Kit

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming -
Student Laboratory Kit, AP7324
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Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

What is the greenhouse effect? How does the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere affect the temperature of the Earth? Where do greenhouse gases originate? Students will answer these questions and gain a better understanding of the greenhouse effect and global warming with this student laboratory kit. In part one, a bottle that is half-covered with black paper is exposed to a light source. The air temperature inside this “greenhouse bottle” is measured and compared to that of a clear bottle exposed to the same light source. In part two, students collect carbon dioxide from various sources and bubble the gas samples through indicator solutions. The amount of base that must be added to return each solution to its original color will be measured and analyzed. Includes detailed student instructions and comprehensive Teacher Notes with tips and sample answers.

Complete for five student groups.


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