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Kastle-Meyer Reagent, 100 mL, Forensic Test

Kastle-Meyer Reagent, 100 mL, Forensic Test, AP7555
Catalog Number
Kastle-Meyer Reagent, 100 mL, Forensic Test
Product Description

Used with hydrogen peroxide as a presumptive test for blood.
Contains: ethyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, phenolphthalein and zinc.

 HAZARD ALERT: Alcohol solution; flammable liquid. Dilute sodium hydroxide is irritating to body tissues.
Storage: Organic #9
Disposal: #10
Shelf Life: Fair to poor.
Color: Pale gray, peach or yellow solution.
Odor: Faint alcohol.
Technical Note: Classic test for the presence of blood at a crime scene! Kastle-Meyer reagent contains reduced phenolphthalein indicator in a basic solution. Simply wipe a presumptive bloodstain with a cotton swab, add a drop of the reagent, and then apply a drop of hydrogen peroxide. If the swab turns pink rapidly, it is positive for blood! For a terrific guided-inquiry forensic activity, use the Kastle-Meyer reagent to investigate substances that will interfere with the test to give false positives.

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