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Presumptive Blood Test—Forensic Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1646

Price: $21.70

The Presumptive Blood Test Forensics Demonstration Kit utilizes a simulation of the Kastle-Meyer Color Test and can be safely used in a mock crime scene investigation.

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Product Details

This kit utilizes a simulation of the Kastle–Meyer Color Test and can be safely used in a mock crime scene investigation. The Kastle–Meyer Color Test is often used by crime scene investigators to presumptively indicate if blood is present on an object. For this activity, objects in your crime scene can be “seeded” to provide positive color tests for “simulated blood” when sprayed with the phenophthalein test solution. The test is fast and easy and is thus ideal for use in the first moments at a crime scene. Crime scene investigators like this test even if the results are only “presumptive” and not considered hard proof. The presumptive tests can often lead investigators in the right direction to search for additional proof. The kit contains enough materials to conduct many simulated Kastle–Meyer Color Tests on crime scene items. Comes complete with teacher background and directions. Concepts: Presumptive test, oxidation. Time Required: 15 minutes Materials Provided: Phenolphthalein solution, spray bottle, cotton cloth, filter paper, simulated blood plasma.