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High quality safety supplies and reliable essentials for a well-stocked lab.
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Science Labs in the COVID-19 Environment

Managing a science lab during COVID-19 is not an easy job. Flinn can help lab managers and instructors to run their labs safely and efficiently.

A Safe Lab Leads to Successful Experiments

Running your lab safely is key for the success of your experiments. Flinn, with more than 40 years of experience in safety, offers you a broad assortment of supplies and materials. Our high quality PPE includes gloves, face masks and shields, hand sanitizers, eye protection and more.


A Well-Stocked Lab Means Short Set-Up Time

When lab sessions start, it is critical to be stocked with the right amounts of lab essentials. Do you need more pipettes? Is it time to order reaction plates? Our in-stock, fast delivered supplies will keep your lab well-stocked, properly set-up, and running on time.

A Reliable Equipment is Necessary for Accurate Results

You depend on your lab equipment to achieve the most accurate results. Only a reliable equipment can do that. Our high-quality spectrophotometers, electronic balances, hot plates/magnetic stirrers will give you the results you need.

From acetone to zinc acetate, use our high-purity reagent or lab-grade chemicals for consistent results.

Essential Everyday
Lab Solutions
Restock and replace supplies in your lab with our Flinn essentials; from Parafilm™ to pipettes, and more.

Our borosilicate heat and chemical-resistant glassware collections are your trustworthy lab companions.

Save valuable prep and grading time with the right Flinn kit for your biology, biochemistry or chemistry lab.

Free Tools and Resources for Educators

Online Tools
Build your own digital library by uploading and storing the resources you reference frequently.

Download PDFs with basic tips that protect and extend the life of your lab equipment.