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Putting together new labs can be time consuming, so we
ve come up with an alternative that not only effectively teaches a lab, but saves you prep time and helps you grade student performance. Our General, Organic and Biological (GOB) chemistry kits contain everything you need, from background and overview of experiments to detailed procedures, answer keys and more. This collection features more than 30 tested labs that have been specifically designed for higher education audience, and these optimized experiments meet the characteristic curriculum and time objectives of the GOB lab.

Special features include:

  • PhD-Engineered and Tested Experiments: Meet the characteristic curriculum and time objectives of the college-level general, organic and biological chemistry laboratories—preparing students for future, higher level courses.
  • Full Coverage of Key Topics: We offer kits on 37 of the most important concepts, from hydrocarbons, amino acids and proteins to chemical testing of DNA, enzyme kinetics and more—addressing the vital topics students need to master.
  • Complete Lab Support: Includes all the necessary background information as well as detailed instructions, sample lab reports (with answer keys) and instructors’ notes—everything you need to immediately begin a lab with minimal prep time.
  • Quality Materials: Contains all the necessary chemicals, solutions and supplies—our solutions and materials are quality controlled to ensure that labs go right.
  • Cost-Saving Bundles: You can purchase individual kits—or get everything you need at once and save.
  • Staff Scientists at Your Disposal: We have a team of scientists that can answer your questions, explain a kit before you purchase or talk you through a lab or an experiment gone (or going) wrong—meaning you never have to worry about the wrong choice or not knowing what to do. Simply give us a call!

General, Organic and Biological Kits

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