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Item #: FB0510

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Plastic Animal Cages are durable, clear-as-glass and economical. Cages come in a range of sizes, allowing you to create ideal habitats for a variety of small animals.

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Dimensions 14½" L x 8¾" W x 9¾" H 11¾" L x 7¾" W x 8" H 7⅛" L x 4⅜" W x 5½" H 9⅛" L x 6" W x 6⅝" H 15⅞" L x 8⅜" W x 12½" H
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Durable, clear-as-glass and economical—these cages come in a range of sizes that allow you to create ideal habitats for a variety of small animals. The impact-resistant plastic cages feature rounded corners so cleanup is a breeze. Use the smaller cages to house hermit crabs, large insects, salamanders, newts and small fish. Larger cages are roomy enough for terrariums, aquariums and small mammal habitats. Each includes a self-locking, fully vented lid. Lids feature convenient snap-seal access hatches for feeding and maintenance. Knockouts in lids allow for routing aquarium airline tubing-facilitating use of airstones, filters and other air-driven accessories.


Size: 9" x 6" x 6"