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The Explain & Predict Free Response Questions for AP® Chemistry prepares students for the AP Chemistry exam. The updated curriculum challenges students to analyze, evaluate and design, predict, explain and apply.

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Prepare students for success on the AP® Chemistry exam! Updated curriculum requirements emphasize the importance of integrating chemistry content with reasoning. The types of skills needed to succeed are highlighted in the language of the science practices: students must analyze data, evaluate evidence, predict and explain observations and apply the results. We have written ten multi-part sample questions using authentic data from GREAT experiments. Practice questions integrating all of the big ideas in AP Chemistry will ensure that students can “justify claims with evidence” (Science Practice 6.1). The updated curriculum challenges students not just to know chemistry, but do chemistry! Prepare your students by asking them to analyze, evaluate and design, predict, explain and apply.

Classroom set of 24 booklets is very affordable and includes a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide that lists the specific learning objectives for each question.