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Water aspirators are an inexpensive and dependable source of moderate vacuum in the laboratory. This model comes with a built-in check valve.

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Water Aspirator

A water aspirator is an inexpensive and dependable source of moderate vacuum in the laboratory. As the water rushes past a side arm aperture, a partial vacuum is formed. The lowest approximate pressure that can be achieved with this device is 10 mm of mercury or 10 torr.

When you are pricing aspirators remember some models that sell for less will not have a built-in check valve. Both of the models we sell do; thus eliminating the need for a trap. Water inlet diameter is 3/8" NPT.

Flinn Scientific’s Water Aspirator (AP8286) is an efficient and cost-effective vacuum source for your laboratory. Ideal for high school, college, and research science labs, this durable water aspirator generates a reliable vacuum using the kinetic energy of flowing water. It's perfect for filtration, vacuum distillation, and other applications requiring reduced pressure.

Crafted from high-quality, corrosion-resistant polypropylene, this water aspirator is designed to withstand daily lab use and exposure to various chemicals. The tapered hose connections provide a secure fit for standard vacuum tubing, ensuring a tight seal and consistent vacuum generation. An integrated check valve prevents backflow, protecting your laboratory water system from potential contamination.

Setting up the water aspirator is simple: connect it to a water faucet using the standard 3/8-inch NPT thread, attach vacuum tubing to the side arm, and start the water flow. As water passes through the aspirator, a vacuum is created, effectively drawing air and liquids through the attached tubing. This method provides a low-cost, maintenance-free alternative to mechanical vacuum pumps.

Key applications of the Flinn Water Aspirator include:

Filtration of chemical solutions and biological samples

Vacuum distillation in organic synthesis

Gas sampling for environmental studies

Removal of gases during gel electrophoresis

In addition to the water aspirator, Flinn Scientific offers a wide range of filtration and distillation equipment to meet the needs of your laboratory.

Order your Flinn Water Aspirator (AP8286) today to equip your science lab with a reliable and efficient vacuum source. Visit our online store to explore Flinn Scientific's extensive selection of high-quality laboratory science equipment and supplies.




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