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In the Balsa Bridge Construction Set for physical science and physics, build, evaluate, and test bridges. Build conceptual knowledge based on practical experience.

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Bridge-building is a popular activity to practice design and engineering skills while reinforcing a wide array of physics and math concepts. Build different types of bridges from the more simple beam, arch, and truss to the more complex cantilever, suspension or cable-stayed. Experiment with various joint types such as a lap, butt, notched or gusset joint. Evaluate completed bridges with a load test and compete for the best bridge efficiency score, which is the ratio of the mass of the load to the mass of the bridge. After evaluation, test the bridge to the point of destruction—there is a lot to learn from a pile of broken sticks! Includes student handouts, teacher’s guide, glue and a large bundle of balsawood. Build conceptual knowledge based on practical experience with an activity your students will always remember!