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Becker Bottles, Set of Two

By: Bob Becker, Kirkwood H.S., Kirkwood, MO

Item #: AP4863

Price: $90.35

Becker Bottles Demonstration Models for chemistry displays molecular concentration and parts per million contamination concepts in a visual manner. Students easily comprehend the concept of solution concentration from this simple demonstration.

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How big is a million? What does it mean for a contaminant to be found in a concentration of one part per million? These amazing bottles make molecular concentration and ppm contamination concepts more concrete for your students and offer many wonderful teaching opportunities. Becker Bottle “One in a Million” This large 3-L bottle contains one million tiny colored spheres. When you challenge students to find the one black sphere (1 ppm) among all the other colored spheres in the bottle, the concept of a million starts to become real. Other colored spheres (10 ppm, 100 ppm, etc.) are significantly easier to find in the bottle. Becker Bottle “One in a Million Too” This bottle contains a lone black sphere mixed in with 999,999 all-yellow spheres and makes a vivid contrast to the 999,999 multicolored background spheres in the original Becker Bottle. Conduct a race to find the lone black sphere in each bottle. The same number of spheres are in each bottle, but what a difference in the race results! If you do not have the original Becker Bottle, order the set of two (AP4863) and save! Concepts: Solution concentration, parts per million. Time Required: 20 minutes Materials Provided: Becker bottles and instructions.