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With the Blackboard Optics Kit, vivid demonstrations can be set up quickly and easily. Very effective for lab practical test questions and a real stimulus for an optics unit.

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All you need is a chalkboard to conduct optics experiments and demos with high visual impact—without turning out the lights! Vivid demonstrations can be set up quickly and easily. The lenses, mirrors and other components average 3.8 cm thick and 20 cm high, so they’re easy to see even from the back of the room. Two adjustable ray projectors provide light ranging from a thin pencil to a divergent cone. Once you have the experiment set up on the chalkboard, use the chalkboard to highlight axes, normals, tangents, vertical rays and equations relating to the ongoing experiment. A real stimulus for your optics unit. Very effective for lab practical test questions! The durable acrylic components are packed in a sturdy box. Lenses, mirrors, prisms, and light sources attach securely to the chalkboard in seconds. Many components can be rotated without shifting supporting brackets during an experiment. Includes instructions and a variety of suggested experiments. Requires a transformer like our AP5945.