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Item #: AP8441

Price: $3.50

Glass Boston round bottles are clear, flint glass that have narrow mouth openings with caps. They come with or without PVC-coating.

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Item# AP8438 AP8439 AP8440 AP5332 AP8441 AP5333 AP8442 AP5334
Capacity 30-mL 60-mL 120-mL 240-mL 240-mL 480-mL 480-mL 960-mL
PVC-Coating Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No
Price $1.84 $2.51 $3.00 $2.55 $3.50 $3.35 $4.20 $4.05
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Product Details

Clear, flint glass, narrow mouth bottles with caps. With or without PVC-coating. PVC-coated bottles retain the bottle's contents and glass shards within a PVC envelope in the event of a breakage.