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Item #: AP1284

Price: $63.95

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Porcelain Buchner funnels for filter paper are glazed inside and out except for the rim. A permanent, perforated plate is mounted inside the funnel. Funnels come in five sizes.

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Item# AP1885 AP1886 AP1283 AP1284 AP1285
Diameter of Plate 43 mm 63 mm 83 mm 100 mm 114 mm
Diameter of Perforated Area 32 mm 42 mm 60 mm 77 mm 95 mm
Filter Paper Size 4.25 cm 5.5 cm 7.0 cm 9.0 cm 11.0 cm
Price $32.70 $37.45 $50.20 $63.95 $81.50
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Product Details

Glazed inside and out except for rim. Permanent, perforated plate mounted inside funnel.


Diameter of plate: 100 mm. Diameter of perforated area: 77 mm. Height: 160 mm. Filter paper size: 9.0 cm.