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Item #: B0175

Price: $16.25

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Item# B0175 B0176
Type Colorless Indicating
Amount 60 mL 60 mL
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Technical Note:
Buffer solutions, particularly basic pH buffers, tend to act as a media for fungus and bacteria growth. This buffer preservative contains a highly effective anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agent to provide long-term protection for buffer solutions and does not affect pH value. The preservative is available in two forms: preservative only, colorless (Catalog No. B0175 or preservative with indicator (Catalog No. B0176). If the preservative with indicator is used, the buffer will be tinted green for neutral solutions, orange-red for acid solutions, and blue for basic solutions. Please specify whether you want clear, nonindicating preservative or the preservative with indicator. Three drops of preservative provides ample protection, and in the case of the indicating preservative, a distinct tint for 100 mL of buffer solution.