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     Introduction to the Scientific Method—Guided-Inquiry Kit
In this open-ended, inquiry-based intro- duction to the scientific method, students first make observations and then design controlled experiments to identify the substances responsible for each change. This activity is a fun and easy way to intro- duce students to the study of chemistry. Students learn that the scientific method is not a rigid path, it is a process—a process of discovery! Complete for 30 students working in pairs.
AP6167 I $42.15
Pull-Type Spring Scales
Easily zeroed and designed to deliver reproducible results time after time. These instruments have an aluminum face with high-contrast markings allowing for quick and accurate readings. The housing is a rugged and durable polystyrene. These scales are perfect for general weighing, force experiments, action-reaction demonstrations and more.
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Scientific Method— Student Laboratory Kit
The scientific method is a logical process of inquiry and investigation. Students use key elements of the scientific method to perform two laboratory investigations:
a consumer product testing lab and a solubility lab. Students have the option of performing either a student-designed, open-ended procedure or a standard step-by-step procedure. Either option will provide students with the experience of using scientific thinking. Complete for 30 students working in pairs.
AP4509 I $45.05
Ob-Scertainer Kit—A Better Black Box—Super Value Kit
By manipulating a black box and hearing and feeling how the steel ball rolls around inside the unopened box, students begin to make observations about what type of configuration is inside the black box. They collect data, develop a hypothesis and test their hypothesis. Includes 24 black boxes— two each of the 12 different types. All materials are reusable.
AP4549 I $89.35
Equal Mass Kit—Classroom Set
Mass, volume and density are concepts you teach over and over again during the school year in many different ways. Five cylindrical objects made of different materials (brass, aluminum, nylon, PVC and polyethylene) and with differing lengths all have exactly the same mass and radius. Thus, density is inversely proportional to length. Classroom set includes 15 sets of materials, enough for 30 students working in pairs.
AP6147 I $131.90
      Hook Weight Set, Economy Choice
Black-painted weights have a stationary hook on top. Bottoms of weights are recessed and contain a weigh-below bar, allowing weights to be hung from each other. Weight set includes one each of 10 g, 50 g, 100 g, 500 g and 1 kg and two each of 20 g and 200 g. Supplied in a plastic storage block.

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