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     Density Identification Set
Challenge students to determine the composition of 15 colorful, different-size rods, each one a different material. Set contains a sturdy storage base with one sample each of acetal, acrylic, aluminum, brass, chlorinated PVC, copper, high-den- sity polyethylene, maple, Nylon®, phenolic, polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, polystyrene, PTFE and PVC. Samples are stamped with a letter code for easy teacher identification, and their large sizes ensure more accurate measurements.
AP7204 I $66.70
Density Cube Set
Here’s a handy, low-cost set of 10 one-inch cubes cut from modern materials. Use these precision cubes to perform a variety of density experiments. The set contains one cube each of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, acrylic, nylon, oak, willow, poplar and poly- ethylene. Instructions provided.
AP6058 I $36.20
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Metal Density Cube Set, Economy Choice
Reduce your density lab costs with this economical set of four metal cubes. Students measure the densities of the four metal blocks and then determine their composition. Includes four one-inch cubes: aluminum, steel, copper and brass. Instructions are provided.
AP6489 I $25.80
Measurement Challenge—A Density Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
Give your students a challenge—the measurement challenge! Hands-on, pre-lab activity allows students to begin with length and area and progress to volume and density—a sequence in which students advance from one-dimensional measurements to two- and three-dimensional calculations. First, there is a traditional density experiment—students measure the mass and volume of a block and determine the density. The second lab is a higher level assessment activ- ity—students are challenged to predict the mass of a block without the use of a balance! A third optional lab further challenges students as it is a completely open-ended version of the second lab—no hint of a procedure is provided. Complete for 30 students working individually, and all materials are reusable.
AP5939 I $85.20
 Density Box—Demonstration Kit
Students watch with amazement as warm water rises and cold water sinks in this clever demonstration of density. Hot, red water
is placed on one side of the clear acrylic chamber and cold, blue water on the other. The center dividing wall is then carefully removed, allowing the two solutions to mix. A great demonstration when discussing convection currents, air turbulence and water turnover in lakes and ponds.
AP4784 I $37.25

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