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FLINN CHEMISTRY KITSChemical Demonstration KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP7246Acid Strength and Electron Withdrawing Groups$44.05AP6287Battle of the Acids—Strong vs. Weak Acids 47.70AP6288Buffer Balancing Acts  40.40AP8894Disappearing Ink  23.15AP8979Disappearing Rainbow 39.65AP6201Dry Ice Color Show 24.10AP6187Hydrolysis of Salts—Acidic, Basic or Neutral? 27.25AP6160Indicator Sponge—A Discrepant Event 24.70AP6433Organic Rainbow 31.30AP7498Acid–Base Rainbow Fountain 35.80AP4778Orange Juice to Strawberry Float 59.10AP8482Acid–Base Titration with Conductivity 29.50AP8989The Two-Cent Colorful 57.00AP4867Water to Grape Juice to Milk 25.60Laboratory KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP4567Acid–Base Test Kit I—Properties of Acids and Bases—Student Laboratory Kit$ 61.60AP7602Acid–Base Test Kit I—Properties of Acids and Bases—Super Value Laboratory Kit128.55AP4568Acid–Base Test Kit II—Reactions of Acids and Bases—Student Laboratory Kit 60.65AP7607Acid–Base Test Kit II—Reactions of Acids and Bases—Super Value Laboratory Kit130.00AP2046Introduction to Acid–Base Titration—Student Laboratory Kit 20.20AP8485Titration: Identifying the Concentration of an Acid—Student Laboratory Kit 24.05AP8699Vinegar Mix-Up Titration—Student Laboratory Kit 49.10AP6121Buffers Keep the Balance—Properties of Biological Buffers—Student Laboratory Kit 49.80AP7018”Chem”-eleon Indicators—Science and Art with Acids and Bases—Student Laboratory Kit 34.55AP7048Exploring a Chemical Reaction in a Toy—Student Laboratory Kit 47.75AP7636pH Measurements Using Indicators—Super Value Kit106.55AP6364Measuring Acid Strength—Ka Values of Weak Acids—Student Laboratory Kit 31.00AP7637Introduction to the pH Scale and Measurement—Super Value Kit 63.00AP6442Natural Indicators—Acids, Bases and the pH Scale—Guided-Inquiry Kit 62.70AP8490Blue Maize Indicator—Student Laboratory Kit 47.10AP1767Properties of Buffers—Student Laboratory Kit 50.50AP7444Mystery Solutions with Acids and Bases—Guided-Inquiry Kit 41.50Brighten your world with the dramatic color changes and eye-catching visuals in the study and exploration of acid and base chemistry! From foaming floats and rainbow arrays to disappearing ink and surprising discrepant events, students will enjoy and remember how acids and bases react and balance seek a balance. Learn about the delicate balance of buffers and pH and investigate the relative strengths of acids and bases. Chemical Demonstration Kits include enough materials to perform the demonstrations 7 times. Student Laboratory Kits typi-cally are complete for 24–30 students. Super Value Kits are come with materials for multiple student groups or offer completely reusable materials.AP6442AP4778Acids & BasesAP6287

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